NEW release is HERE!

Download version 1.4.42 (2019-01-27)

Follow instructions below.

Installation script is tested on a clean install of Debian 9 Stretch and Raspbian


1. Install Debian (make a clean install)

2. Login with root or equivalent.

3. wget

4. chmod +x

5. ./

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If you don’t want to run the script? You can make the installation yourself.
Download the file from above link and look at code

1. Run commands: 
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get -y install apache2 php7.* php7.*-curl nmap mariadb-server php7.*-mysql php7.*-xml php7.*-zip php7.*-bz2 sudo openvpn php7.*-snmp

2. Download the script (wget, look at the code, look for the wget command in script and manually download that file.

3. Extract the file to your (empty)webroot

4. Run the SQL-script file also mentioned in to create the database.

5. Make sure your webuser (www-data) is allowed to run nmap

Raspberry Pi

The image for Raspberry Pi is now available


Download and and extract zip. 
Use Etcher to write SD-Card.
You will need a 2 GB SD-card for this to work.

A larger card may be needed if you plan to run FIRSTWARNING for a long time
Raspbian Stretch Lite is installed in image, 
RPI has SSH enabled.

A new service is created, that will show you what internal ip-address your RPI has got after a restart.
Look at this page to see your RPI’s IP-address:

You can disable the service by: systemctl disable sendip.service

Or just delete the file /home/pi/
Default login via SSH: pi / raspberry
Remember to change password…

After booting Raspberry, start browser and go to the Raspberry’s ip-address.

After installation

Start Webbrowser and go to ip-address of the device where you installed FIRSTWARNING.

Add some devices and then remember to activate the scanning process.
Just switch Schedule to TRUE on the “Add/Edit Display page”, after this FW will scan added devices (it will not scan whole network) and let you know their state. (Connected/Failed/Latency/Bandwidth)

Enable SNMP on your devices and activate SNMP scheduling to be able to see bandwidth usage.