FIRSTWARNING is developed and maintained by Fredrik. A dedicated IT proffesional that saw an oppourtunity to develop a software containing easy to use and functionalities not found in other software currently available on the market.

The FIRSTWARNING software is marketed under the software umbrella of
The headquarters are located in the outskirts of Halmstad in Sweden.


As the solution presented in the software FIRSTWARNING was first developed for personal use of the author, it has since grown into a fullblown version which is truly supportive in any IT professionals life both at work and privately.

After FIRSTWARNING was developed it has been tested in live environments as a surveillance system installed both on standard rack mounted servers and in private user´s home, on Raspberry pi. 

The feedback received is so far limited. 

Despite these facts, we can easily say that FIRSTWARNING can help to reduce administrative time for IT-professionals by for example the following;

  • Test e-mail solutions using smtp-servers. When trying to send e-mail through external systems
  • Find fault(s) in vmware & switches
  • Reduce fault tracing activities for virtual servers
  • FIRSTWARNING has also helped to identify when an external cloud service was infected with ransom-ware