Why I created FIRSTWARNING!?


I was in need of a surveillance monitor that simply pinged all my servers and infrastructure devices.
I found several solutions for this online, but most of them was not simple.
I didn't understand how to configure the systems, hell I didn't even understood how to add a device that should be monitored on some of the systems.


The simple solutions I found that I did understand didn't present a simple beautiful GUI which I could display on a TV in the office.


Not all of the solutions I found was slow and really CPU hogs, but most of them.


Then I decided to stop wasting my time searching and testing others systems.
I decided to develop my own solution.

What is better than the feeling when you have created something you are proud of by yourself! :-)


I had two main goals for this project, the first was to make a simple beatiful gui = Display it on a TV monitor in the office., Second goal was to create a solution that was simple to setup and configure.


You shouldn't have to be a engineer to configure a surveilance solution!